The Society promises to concentrate on the growth of  Punjabi and Indian Culture, Energy, and Sports. This is an active society led by many prominent community members with the intention of advancing the standing of the Indian and Punjabi community. The Society will be making all out efforts for literacy, culture, entertainment, education and promoting understanding levles of cooperation among other cultural societies. 


Sher E Punjab Society will regularly reach out to other cultural societies for collaboration to foster strong relationships in the community-at-large. The Society believes that active relationships with key members of various cultural societies are instrumental to accomplishing its goals. As for our commitment to the community, any funds raised will be used in  the Indian and Punjabi community to promote our Culture, Language, Literacy, Education and Betterment throughout the community. 


The Society will raise funds through various community and outreach programs and functions designed to enhance the understanding of the Indian and Punjabi culture to our future generations and other  communities, while collecting donations from patrons. 

Our Members

Charanjit S. Brar                             (317) 903-7400

Surjeet S. Mavi                                  (513) 616-4530

Kumar Pawandeep                         (937) 838-3767

Parminder S. Takhar                   (937) 469-0202

Amarjit S. Takhar                          (937) 604-0012

Amarik S. Tiwawa                           (513) 410-4101

Amarjit Aggarwal                            (937) 672-1201

Bobby S. Sidhu                                  (937) 919-4799

Gurminder S. Sandhu                    (513) 550-6134

Bahadur S. Kaler                             (513) 446-9687

Jagtar S. Fantu                                  (513) 328-7500 Pritampaul Singh                 (518) 469-7864 

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Donations are Welcome. Contact our committee members for wellness of community we support.



P.O. Box 1264

Mason, Ohio 45040


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